“Europe in 2029” – an Apocalypse Made by Unstoppable Islamic Immigration

“Europe in 2029” is a short film predicting an Apocalypse made by the unstoppable Islamic immigration. A few nations such as Italy, Austria, and the Eastern bloc of Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic have taken steps to prevent this Islamic nightmare. America should avoid it. Canada may not regain its will to save itself from going the same dangerous path of Europe, and has to rely a rescue from the U.S.
The video has predicted everything happened in Europe since 2015. The victory of Italian populist movement and the failure of the EU attempting to force Muslim immigration into Slavic countries. Sweden, France and the UK are close to war while the media pretends nothing is happening. Germany is no longer safe. Austria woke up at the latest. Hungary remains safe under the strong leadership of Vicktor Orban. Swedes who can’t endure the globalist tyranny are buying houses in Poland. The Southern borders of Europe are still problematic. The SJW cancer has arrived in Europe (from America in Obama era) and is taking over the Southern European society which once tended to be very conservative and Catholic. George Soros is financing separatist movements in the most liberal part of Spain in order to have a divided Southern border to create chaos and disagreement. The media is tricking the fake opposition into thinking that separating Spain is good when it supports the European Union, but it will end up in an Islamic caliphates. The last time Spain ended up being divided was also because an Islamic invasion. Activists are being banned from entering the UK for telling the truth. Feminism has gone completely nuts and now claims that all white straight males are rapists while they don’t say anything about the massive Muslim rape jihadis. Today, Spanish are fighting back and the number is rapidly growing. They are fighting an ideological war first and gaining influence slowly. In the years to come, the conflicts between the red-green alliance and the nationalists/populists will aggregate. The two sides are becoming hard-lined and the battle lines clearer.

Author: GrainOfTruth

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