3 thoughts on “Islamic Shithole of Indonesia: River of Plastic Garbage That Western Idiotic Green Politicians Claim Westerners Are Polluting the Environment

  1. You should call these two numbers
    Dewa – Police +62 812-3817-5923
    Oka – Police +62 812-5957-0715
    They are both police officers with the Magelang Police Force in Central Jawa Indonesia
    They both speak English well.
    Just call them and ask them about the Canadian who used to live there and came to find his kidnapped children.

  2. please, I can’t stand staying any longer in this shithole country. please help me get out of here. I just need accommodation to be able to live a better life. I need that opportunity. paypal.me/fajaredrie

  3. No this is the fault of local indonesians
    Who throwed away the plastic garbage to the river

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