Migrant Made Himself Naked at Primary School Crossing Near the DP Center in Waterford, Ireland

There was an incident that happened outside a primary school, which is situated near a Direct Provision Centre in Waterford City, earlier where a migrant had taken off his top and was screaming and shouting and gesticulating wildly as young children were crossing. At one point the illegal alien tried to remove his pants and threatened children according to witnesses. Surprisingly nobody put a stop to it. Gardai did not arrive for over half an hour! What if he was armed or was a Jihadi? These migrants are not vetted and no one knows who they are, where they come from or what their history or mental health or even religion is! Waterford has received lots of “fakugees” in recent times, only last week, 37 Eritreans were sent to a hotel in Waterford without even being processed in Dublin, without a translator and no one was informed. How long will Waterford suffer in silence? The govt is literally putting lives at risk. Well meaning people WILL undoubtedly suffer so that the liberal elite in this country can pat themselves on the back at night and appreciate their ethnic decoration which provides them with false virtue and more profit for multinationals. Some parents are now considering removing their children from the school.

Author: GrainOfTruth

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