7 thoughts on “Chinese Police Beat Up Muslim Uighur for Hiding Quran at Home

  1. is it wrong that a Muslim is reading the book of god…why is it that when a group of Muslims goes around killing, the whole Muslim community gets affected. people who kill saying its right..they are not considered Muslims. but say if a group of another religion does it then no community of there’s will affect it? why do people assume something about the religon of Islam without even learning the good about it? like what tf is all your problem gotta do with it. why do u all have to be so rasict and agressive towards muslim people? tell me that…

      1. You’re Only saying stfu because you know it’s true. No other community would have this happen to them if it was any other religion. All good tho this is one of Islam’s signs. All I can say is good luck to followers of all other religion and the Chinese.

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