5 thoughts on ““We Need to K!ll All Men”, Unhinged Feminist YouTuber Jenny Mcdermott Says the Only Way to Stop Men From Subjugating Women is to K!ll Them All at Birth

  1. The only thing dumber than her words is paying attention to them… over 2 years later than she said them.

    Why is this posted with a 2019 date? Better yet why is this posted at all?

    1. Why is mgtow still making videos showing that they are narcissistic psychopathic beta males even after being legally defined as a hate group and male supremist group?? Rape isn’t inherited, we just need to keep nasty beta males from influencing kids and keep them away from all females in general and that is what we are doing! Violent abusive men might be put down first and probably will be!

      1. Because MGTOW doesn’t care about you and feminists. We reject what has become the social norms of men being traded out like personal 401k. Unlike feminists, we don’t go around attacking females or their feminism. Our focus is to redefine ourselves and have a more meaningful life without a partner. Some of us have turned into monks. MGTOW is labeled a hate group by family law attorneys because they’re losing business when more and more men walk away from starting families and leave these confused and self entitled feminists single. So I and many millions more will enjoy our fruits of our labor and women can go their own way. Have a good day.

  2. Err … You still need semen to make babies (like you)…
    How are you gals gonna continue the species?!…
    Crazy bitch…

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