Videos in Time Order Showing Christmas Market Shooting in Strasbourg

Islamic terror shooting at Christmas market in Strasbourg, France: 4 Dead and at least 12 wounded. The attacker is a 29-year-old Muslim man, who was booked by the police for common crimes. Apparently, the gendarmes (French anti-terror police) went to his house last Tuesday morning to arrest him, found grenades but he was not there. His name is Cherif Chekatt, French citizen of Moroccan origin, born in Strasbourg on February 4, 1989, the son of Abdelkrim and Rouag Raoudja.

Video 1 taken by tourists in Strasbourg show people are confused when the terror attack just happened.

Video 2 taken by a witness in Strasbourg for the EPlenary. She went out for dinner when the horrible event happened. She was very close to Place Kleber, actually passed by just minutes before the shooting.

Video 3: Scene of the Gun fire (2018-12-11, Tuesday).

Video 4: Close-up of the gun battle between French anti-terror police and the shooter.

Video 5: People are confined inside hotels, restaurants, indoor, and staying home. The streets are empty, and the city of Strasbourg has become dead.

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