“Vehicle Jihad” Attack in Jewish Area of Toronto

Toronto, Canada: Eyewitnesses say a driver was going over 200 km an hour in a 60 km zone, causing a four-car pileup in a Jewish neighborhood at Sheppard Ave. and William Allen Rd. on Friday night (2018-12-14). Several people were injured. The driver attempted to run away. Police showed up and caught him. He spat on the officer’s pants. The witnesses say the driver sounded Iranian and had Muslim name. He showed indifference to what he had done, although he did try to run away after being stopped. A witness, who was very close to the scene, said there was no sign of alcohol, yet the person is being detained for DWI. He was doing over 200 KPH. It appeared to be deliberate. Although it is on Toronto news, police will likely pass it off as drunkenness.

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