Two UK Policewomen Fail to Stop One Drunken Driver

Sharia-compliant and half-shithole UK: Two policewomen fail to stop one drunken driver who fails the breathalyzer test. Today’s UK police officers clearly can’t do the job in such a “politically correct” country.

Author: GrainOfTruth

2 thoughts on “Two UK Policewomen Fail to Stop One Drunken Driver

  1. 1) Female Police Officers are a joke
    2) UK Officers without “serious” deterrents are a joke.
    3) How often does this happen? These gals MUST have know to escalate without back-up would result in this situation that ultimately leads to MORE disrespect of LE.

    England is clearly going down the drain.

    1. “England is clearly going down the drain.”

      I believe it will be “a bloody drain”, occurred in not only England, but also France, Germany and many Western European nations. People usually don’t wake up until catastrophe comes. Hopefully, at that time, it won’t be too later for Canada.

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