Trump Spoiled Marxist Teen Greta’s Big Day and Stole Her Thunder, as She Was Pushed to the Rear When He Entered the UN Press Room

Video 1: (Caught on Cam) Useful idiot for the Left, Marxist-in-training, Green teen, Greta Thunberg gets upstaged by Donald Trump and the look on her scowling face is “priceless”. *It was supposed to be her big day on promoting the doomsday climate hoax, but President Trump stole her thunder, as she was pushed to the rear when he entered the press room at the United Nations.
Video 2
Video 3: “How Dare You!” – Hypocritic Show on ‘Global Warming’ From the Manipulated and Mentally Abused Kid, Greta Thunberg

Author: GrainOfTruth

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