The Snake of the ‘Political Correctness’ Bites Its Own Tail: Justin Trudeau’s Blackface and Brownface

Justin Trudeau Wore Brownface at 2001 ‘Arabian Nights’ Party While He Taught at a Private School (Time)

This is the article by Eeyore in Vlad Tepes Blog: The Odd Dilemma, the Destruction of Trudeau by Political Correctness Represents

Many people feel this most recent and third expose of Trudeau in black face makeup during his youth, means the destruction of Trudeau as a candidate for Prime Minister in the upcoming elections.

It is true that those of us that value individual rights and freedoms want Trudeau to lose the election and want it badly. But we should be clear about why we want him to lose. Trudeau represents a massive leap forward for Neo-Marxism, and multiculturalism as a tool for the total destruction, and even of the memory of all world cultures, to be replaced with one world culture of socialism. Which is to say with no culture at all. We want Trudeau to lose this race because we want a restoration of real individual rights and the restoration of the nation state in order to have laws within our borders that guarantee the protection of those rights and without which, we cannot.

If Trudeau’s candidacy is destroyed because of a relatively trivial and unimportant set of events in his youth, events which actually should be protected under freedom of expression, no matter what others may think of them, then we win the battle and lose the war.

We must defeat Trudeau for the correct reasons. The forces that are behind these pushes to world communism have no problems throwing their front men under the bus when it serves their actual purpose, and in fact, it is 100% in keeping with socialist thought to do so. It is, they fully accept, a great honour to be destroyed by the state for the glory of communism, just as it is to be killed in battle fighting for Allah’s way.

So having Trudeau destroyed because of his breaches of these Neo-Marxist non-laws but actually cultural nooses, is truly a loss for us unless we take the opportunity to move back to individualism and real Jeffersonian liberalism. And do so knowingly ideally. Chances are, his destruction is affirmation to the indoctrinated left. And the move will be to the NDP, or perhaps a new, hail-Mary play for a far left Liberal leader.

There is a rather fashionable expression in pop culture these days. “Don’t hate the player, hate the game”. In this case the player is a genuine representative and key architect of the game. The game is indeed hateful and indeed a far more important thing than the player in this case. But both are repugnant. The player must be disenfranchised but not for the sake of the game. But in order to end the game. (END)

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From PPC candidate for London North Centre Salim Mansur: Justin Trudeau’s Brownface Pseudo-Controversy and the Video.

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