Stuttgart-Fasanenhof, Germany: Sword-wielding Muslim “Halal” Slaughtering a Man in the Street Under the Eyes of the Local Residents

A Syrian Muslim “halal” slaughters his German roommate in broad daylight in the middle of street in Stuttgart-Fasanenhof, Germany. The 28-year-old “Allahu Akbar” man stabbed the 36-year-old roommate to death in southern Stuttgart, police said in a statement. The perpetrator used a “sword-like” weapon, law enforcement reported, although some media outlets cited witnesses as seeing him armed with a machete.

Author: GrainOfTruth

18 thoughts on “Stuttgart-Fasanenhof, Germany: Sword-wielding Muslim “Halal” Slaughtering a Man in the Street Under the Eyes of the Local Residents

  1. This man should be publicly executed. Who has allowed for such a thing – because he is not a human being – to enter a European country? The governments are not protecting their people as they should.

    Why such people are allowed without proper checks to enter Europe? Do we know whether they were criminals, murderers, rapists in their country.

  2. This is absolutely disgusting. And to say this is Orthodox Christians and muslims are the same is an insult to Christians. They are not the same read your fucking history you stupid fuck. This man should be publicly executed and made an example of. He committed an act od war on this helpless man.

  3. Be prepared for what is to come…Orthodoxy will rule the minds and souls of the people, Ahh, Berlin, russians are very tough people, you have learned nothing! Soon a stuck of ruins.

    1. Dougas Nikolaos firstly I want to stress out that I don’t give a flying fuck about your religious beliefs! Secondly you show that you are an ignorant asshole for not being able to distinguish between the Orthodox Christians and the rats of Islam… Also, when the Russians conquered Berlin they belonged in the Red Army, they were not Orthodox Russians idiot!

  4. Islam raises it’s ugly head once again. Shocking video just horrendous. Muslims are barbarians a cancer on society. They hate our laws, they hate our way of life & they hate us. Hang them all. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    1. Rick , change your history books or instructors.
      Christians Orthodox are not Muslim .
      Christians orthodox suffer and have been slaughtered for centuries from some Muslim .
      Go back to school!!!

    2. Muslims and Christians are two completely separate religions. If you don’t know what you’re talking about (which you don’t) and you are a complete ignorant (which you are) just shut it!!!

    3. Probably you are a muslim or an ignorant or whatever…..We, the Orthodox Christians believe in the Holy Trinity as God ( The Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit) – Not in the Demonic Allah….

    4. Rick, is it really Rick or Prick you proper name??? Dude what a fucking illiterate you are indeed… Most of you westerners fall in the same category… Pathetic!!!

  6. They need to leave Europe. Go back to their own countries and slaughter each other over there. Europe has enough of her own problems, we don’t need the added crazy.

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