South Africa’s Anti-White Land Reform Stirs Fears of Failed State, Civil War

Racial tensions are on the rise in South Africa as the government launches official public debates of the proposed anti-white land reform.

Remember the 1994 Rwanda Genocide? The UN fled as the genocide took place. Once again, the United Nations fails to prevent this kind of genocide. The UN is not what they claim to be. The attack on any race is a racist agenda. To think they can take property away from 300 years of generations of white people is nothing more than theft. Why is the UN not stepping in? Because they created this chaos. They want to resolve it by creating a one world govt that would be the United Nations. The UN doesn’t prevent genocide like it is supposed to. It help foster such genocides. Look the genocides of Christians happened in Syria, Libya and other Muslim countries, there is not one peep from the UN after numerous reports.

Author: GrainOfTruth

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