Somalian in Germany Kills Doctor, Stabs Assistant

Another day, another Islamic knife Jihad attack by a Muslim asylum seeker. This time it was in the German town of Offenburg. The culture-enriching attacker was a Muslim Somali. Unlike the Muslim Afghans in Périgueux and Dresden, the Somali was more skilled with his blade: the doctor he attacked died at the scene, in his office.

Someone said on another blog: Somalis habitually kill each other, and now non-Somalis, with knifes. Guns appeared late in their evolutionary development, and Somalis and other African blacks don’t have the proper genetics to be truly comfortable with guns. But, the problem is partially solved with the AK-47, where you can indiscriminately spray cheap bullets with a cheap firearm. If you hit one friend and two enemies, you’re still ahead.

As far as the motive, who knows? You import African savages, you get killings over issues you never gave a second thought to. The Somali, if he is ever able to give a coherent explanation, might cite some confusion over billing or having to wait in line too long. This is the consequence when you ship in people of low intelligence and even lower impulse control.

Author: GrainOfTruth

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