3 thoughts on “Short, Sweet, and Just So Right! Ringo Starr From the Beatles Nails the Truth of Brexit

  1. Why do you think he left the socialist gulag UK in the first place?!? Peace & Love to Ringo!

    1. To be in control of your own country is a good move. (Ringo Star)
      Great lyrics to a song.
      But reality says who is in control?
      Half of the 1% club says remain and the other half says let’s go.
      The votes have been counted and it’s a draw. The people don’t mean anything.
      Dreamers who got to vote are waiting for the 1% club to go forward. And they usually do a lot sooner than this but they usually wait until everyone has fallen asleep and darn it all, they’re still wide awake. And they’re still wide awake because there country is still being taken away from them. Right in front of their eyes.

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