RT representative addresses threats to press freedom at Organization of Security and Cooperation in Europe meeting (OSCE). Her speech is quite good for not falling into “Being Politically Correct”.

RT are funded by the Russian government. It has a bias. The young Turks (heavily promoted by Google) and AJ+ are funded by Qatar. They have a bias too. It would be far to say that everyone has a bias, from individuals to huge media organisations. RT’s voice should be heard, the same for the young Turks, AJ+, BBC, CNN etc etc etc. All news has bias. Only by having the freedom to see and read multiple perspectives on events that we, the people, can decide for ourselves what to believe. People do not want our government, an NGO, a think tank or anyone else to decide what news they are allowed to see, read or listen to. If somebody’s ideas are better, if his perspective or take on event is better and closer to the truth, then people will trust his take on events and support him. If somebody need to resort to shutting down opposing voices then people can assume that his stance is so weak that it cannot stand unless unopposed. People must be free to speak and, more importantly be free to listen.

Author: GrainOfTruth

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