One by One Exposing Trudeau Is Traitorous Enemy of Canadians

When you realize he is our enemy, everything makes sense:

(a) Acting like he couldn’t care less about Marissa Shen’s murder by a refugee

(b) Bill C-6, citizenship for terrorists

(c) Motion M-103, censorship for Islam critics

(d) Bill C-16, compelled speech

(e) Calling budget inquiries of refugee policy “racism”

(f) Crying over hijab hoax, ignoring that it was a hoax

(g) Leaving Canada borders wide open

(h) $10.5 million to Al-Qaeda (9/11) Omar Khadr who killed an American soldier and gave him a public apology on the 4th of July

(i) Meeting with Joshua Boyle, Khadr’s brother in law

(j) Bill C-75, making terrorism a summary offenses

(k) Bill C-71, taking legal guns

(l) UN IPCC, money for climate hoax

(m) UN Refugee Quotas — EU doing the same thing

(n) Vacations with Aga Khan, Islamic donor

(o) pushing multiculturalism instead of promoting unity

(p) CPC/Liberal/NDP all taking Islamic organization funds

(q) 50000000 dollars to Islamic Aga Khan for nothing

(r) 30000000 dollars to three Islamic prisoners.

(s) We lost : 10000000000 dollars contracts with Arabia

(t) We lost : 5000000000 dollars for a scrap pipeline

(u) We lost : 500000000 dollars lost for first years of cannabis legalization

(v) Carbon Tax Scam

(w) Bill C-76 Letting Illegals vote in Federal Elections

(x) Welcomed 117 white helmets to Canada (ISIS right hand men)

(y) Protecting trained killers ISIS terrorists when every other country strips their citizenship.

Author: GrainOfTruth

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