Noise of Islamic Supremacy From Masjid-al-aman Mosque in NYC

Jihad comes in many forms…

Step 1: Blast your screeching Snackbar bullshit as loud as possible, 5 times per day

Step 2: Piss off all non-Muslims

Step 3: Go to court, argue “muh religious freedom.” Use the kaffir’s own laws against them

Step 4: All kaffir scum get fed up, move away

Step 5: Bring in more third-world rapists to take their place

Step 6: Repeat

Masjid-Al-Aman is a mosque that sits near the border of Queens and Brooklyn in NYC. Residents complain the mosque’s azan (call to prayer, 5 times a day, 7 days a week). The noise is a nuisance and the neighbors have filed 156 noise complaints against the mosque. But Masjid-Al-Aman argues and demands that it is their right.

It is Loudspeaker Jihad… Here is another video “Call to Prayer” from a mosque in Germany:

One more video in Queens, NYC: Loudspeakers blast: “Allahu Akbar”, “Allahu Akbar”, “Allahu Akbar”… Noise complaints are totally neglected…

Author: GrainOfTruth

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