Monica Lewinsky Walks Out of Interview After Being Asked if She Expects an Apology From Bill Clinton

Dramatic moment Monica Lewinsky storms off stage after being ‘ambushed’ by interviewer during anti-bullying conference in Israel who asked if she expects a personal apology from Bill Clinton.

  • Lewinsky appeared at an event in Israel to talk about cyberbullying on Monday
  • After her speech, she sat down for interview with a well-known Israeli journalist
  • The journalist, Yonit Levi, asked Lewinsky about former President Bill Clinton
  • Clinton said in June that he has no plans to personally apologize to Lewinsky
  • Lewinsky later claimed that Levi violated deal not to ask about Clinton affair
  • As a White House intern, Clinton and Lewinsky carried on sexual relationship
  • The affair was made public during independent counsel’s investigation

Author: GrainOfTruth

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