Man Kicked and Pushed Onto the Subway Tracks in Madrid, Spain

The attacker approached a stranger from behind and, without saying a word, left him on the verge of death. National Police agents arrested a Brazilian on Friday accused of pushing another man to the subway tracks in Madrid. The victim suffered minor bruises, according to sources from the Superior Police and Emergency Department of Madrid. The attack occurred at 9.40 am at the Argüelles station on line 6. The security cameras recorded the exact moment. A 23-year-old was standing on the platform, very close to the edge. He was waiting for the train to stop, which had just entered the station. Then, a man approached him from behind and, without saying a word, kicked him in the back.
Gates of Vienna has published a partial list of despicable German infidels being killed or wounded or attempted murder by being shoved in front of a train from the last three years, which was posted as “Political Incorrectness”.

Author: GrainOfTruth

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