Learning From the Balkans: Failed Multiculturalism in Skopje, Macedonia

Paul Nielsen Published on Oct 7, 2018

German intellectuals and students of history have NOT learned anything from the situation in the Balkans. This video explains a possibility that Germany will end up like Yugoslavia.

Multiculturalism with Islam only leads to the fragmentation of society along ideological lines. What was once a culturally homogeneous country will turn into a heavily polarized country. The next step can be a gradual Balkanisation of Germany.

The wonderful capital of Macedonia, Skopje: The situation in this city is an interesting case study of multiculturalism with Islam. The conflict caused by an ideological conflict between the West and Islam even led to a short war. This conflict was calmed down with a peace deal called the Ohrid Agreement. The underlying issues, however, remain unresolved.

Will Germany evolve towards the same situation? And what about Sweden and the United Kingdom? Has Angela Merkel led Germany towards Balkanisation?

Author: GrainOfTruth

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