Islam Critic Assaulted Twice at Danforth Toronto and No Arrests

This is sick on so many levels. Police just stood there and watched as a protester is assaulted multiple times. Guess free speech in Toronto is dead and it’s OK to assault protesters you don’t agree with. Is it mob rules now? WOW! what a dangerous path we are going down suddenly. Canada is step or two away from tyranny. Protester may have been insensitive and provocative but NOTHING he did was illegal. The coward shit bag – emboldened by the mob (the ‘brave guy’, lol) – who pushed him into the fountain should’ve been arrested on the spot with cops watching. This is a complete breakdown of law and order and sends a deadly message: The right to protest peacefully is a PILLAR of western society. So that’s gone now. A complaint has been filed  to the 54 division. Hopefully more complaints will be launched as well to protect Free Speech.

Author: GrainOfTruth

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