Graphic Video – Islamic Turkish Soldiers Decapitating Fallen Leftist Kurdish Fighters

This extremely graphic video shows the decapitation of fallen Kurdish fighters by Turkish soldiers. This is archival footage the exact date of which is unknown. One of the Turkish soldiers is heard saying that they avenge the blood of Turgut Kurtçu and Efe Osman Apaydin, two Turkish soldiers who, according to Internet reports, were killed fighting the PKK on April 23, 2017 in Şırnak, Turkey.

Soldier 1: “[Turgut Kurtçu,] Efe Osman Apaydın your blood has been avenged.”
Soldier 2: “May his soul be glad.”
Soldier 1: “Take [a photo].”
Soldier 3: “You are not sending the photos using WhatsApp, right?”
Soldier 1: “Don’t send them using WhatsApp.”
Soldier 4: “Bluetooth, bluetooth.”
Soldier 1: “From device to device.”
Soldier 5: “Definitely.” (MEMRI)

Author: GrainOfTruth

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