Euronews Spins the Papal Visit to Central African Republic

Comparing the two clips in this video on the Pope’s visit to CAR. The first one is reported by the Euronews to enforce the narrative of a greater Islamic and communist Europe. Euronews has steadily become a Fake News outfit funded by the EU. Now watch the event as it actually happened in the second clip. Notice the screaming of “Allah Akbar” from the mass Muslim missing in the Euronews report. The second clip is the original clip without sound edit. It can still be found on the internet. The audio in the second clip can’t be faked because it’s perfectly synchronized with so many mouths. Euro news didn’t show the mouths at all to aid their deception. Sadly, the western Christian nations are rapidly, one by one, falling into the Islamic cult.

Author: GrainOfTruth

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