Election 2019: Alain Deng, PPC Candidate for Vancouver South in BC, Expresses He Switched to People’s Party Because of Its Immigration Platform

Alain Deng was a solid supporter of the Conservative Party of Canada, that is until it was taken over by Andrew Scheer, whose keynote address to the Halifax Conference made Alain “sleepy.” Such is the charisma of the CPC’s new leader who beat out People’s Party Leader Maxime Bernier by a slim margin under a questionable election. Canada under the “regime” of Justin Trudeau has been a “disaster,” says Deng. Large deficits and illegal refugees causing financial burdens and risks to security and safety, as well as attempts to undermine our sovereignty have prompter him to run for Parliament under the banner of the People’s Party in the riding of Vancouver South. As a “front door” immigrant from Communist China he knows all too well the dangers of allowing unfettered migrants to enter this country without going the proper channels.

Author: GrainOfTruth

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