Cow “Halal” Slaughtered in Backyard of Under-construction Mosque in Milton, Ontario, Canada

The skinning of a cow in an unknown location in Milton around the Muslim festival of Eid-al-Adha:

The cow is still alive. This is animal abuse. Usually we slaughter the animal before skinning it or doing any other stuff in preparation for food, not when it’s alive and can still feel the pain. The head is moving. We can see it lifting its head multiple times. It is impossible to make such huge movements or sounds when it is unconscious. We eat cows and goats, but we should at least treat them with respect with a human way.

Animal Welfare Complaint Filed After Footage Appears To Show Moving Cow Being Skinned Alive In The Video

Halton police investigating this cow slaughter video in Milton (City News report):

The “Halal” butcher in the cow slaughtering video is Liberal Party activist Ayaz Malik (originally from Pakistan). In the photos are Ayaz Malik with Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie, and with other Ontario Liberal candidates. Is this the ‘diversity’ Justin Trudeau and Andrew Scheer want in Canada? Maxime Bernier is right: “We don’t need this multiculturalism in Canada.”

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