Canada Federal Election 2019


EXCELLENT OP ED in the Vancouver Sun on how “Ethnic diversity harms a country’s social trust and economic well-being” was scrubbed from the internet in less than 24 hours.  Thankfully, an archived version still exists.  Canada should say goodbye to diversity, tolerance and inclusion to rebuild trust in one another and start accepting a new norm for immigration policy — compatibility, cohesion and social trust, says professor Mark Hecht. (BNI)


Ousted Liberal candidate Hassan Guillet says party knew of his online remarks for weeks. (Video)

Imam Hassan blames Liberals for not thoroughly vetting his anti-Semitic comments. (Video)

What voters (and politicians) need to know about Canada’s new elections law. (The Star)

What we know — and what we think we know — is in each party platform ahead of the election. (National Post)

The worst election outcome? A far-left social democratic coalition. (Toronto Sun)


Somehow, the missing and murdered Indigenous women inquiry just got worse. (National Post)

Ousted candidate says Liberals knew about social media posts well before sacking him. (CTV)

Liberals must answer questions on dumped candidate. (Toronto Sun)


Watch: PPC Maxime Bernier Says “We Are Not A Post-National Country,” Wants “Focus On What Unites Us”. (Spencer Fernando)

MMIWG (Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls) final report quietly altered after CBC inquired about errors. (CBC)

Environment champions want voters to make climate their main priority this fall. (CTV)

John Ivison: Timely book warns that Canada’s democracy is threatened by political abuse. (National Post)

14 N.B. New Democrats jumping ship to join Greens. (CBC)

NDP’s Jagmeet Singh tackles turban issue head-on in French-language campaign ad. (National Post)

Maxime Bernier calls teen climate activist ‘mentally unstable’. (Global News)


Watch: Arrogant Trudeau Brags About Bribing the Media With Your Money (Spencer Fernando)

Former Liberal candidate Hassan Guillet said Saturday he was “completely shocked” by the party’s decision to revoke his candidacy three months after winning the nomination for the Saint-Leonard-Saint-Michel riding. (Global News)


2019-08-29   Canada’s ‘Islamophobia’ Police Strike Again (Twice).  (The Middle East Forum)

2019-08-29   STEWART: Why repealing the Multiculturalism Act makes sense.  (Toronto Sun)

2019-08-29   Our Immigration System is a Mess and Taxpayers are on the Hook. by Candice Malcolm.  (True North)

2019-08-29   Who’ll be the next jihadi-jackpot winner? By Douglas Murray. (The Spectator)

2019-08-29   LILLEY: Trudeau is spending your cash to get your vote.  (Toronto Sun)


2019-08-28   GUNTER: Of course Liberals will increase the carbon tax if re-elected.  (Toronto Sun)

2019-08-28   Chris Selley: Why isn’t ‘unthinkable’ Quebec religious symbols ban a federal election issue?  (Vancouver Sun)

2019-08-28   Billboard company ‘appalled’ no one taking ownership of Bernier ads. (CTV News)

2019-08-28   “Say no to mass immigration” billboard brought down by Liberal bully journalists. (Ezra Levant’s Video)

2019-08-28   Anti-Trudeau billboards land in Ontario.  (Toronto Sun)


2019-08-26   Maxime Bernier blames scrapped billboard ad on ‘totalitarian leftist mob’.  (Toronto Sun)

2019-08-26   Maxime Bernier’s interview by Lauren Chen: “Diversity is our strenght” has been a motto for Justin Trudeau’s administration and their open border policies. In this interview, Maime Bernier explains why the PPC is for lowering immigration levels, strictly vetting refugees, and ensuring that people who come to Canada share Canadian values.  (Video length 16:10)

2019-08-26   Maxime Bernier’s interview by Lauren Chen: Discussing immigration, freedom of speech, political correctness, and the Canadian political establishment.  (Video length 43:46)

2019-08-26   Majority of Canadians think immigration should be limited: poll.  (Global News)

2019-08-26   EDITORIAL: Let Maxime Bernier debate.  (Toronto Sun)