Berlin Police Seized 77 Real Estate From A Muslim Arab Clan

The Berlin police has rigged 77 real estate belonging to a Muslim Arab clan. Apparently, they were bought with money from crime. Family members are said to have committed spectacular break-ins, such as stealing and melting the giant coin of 100 kg Maple Gold from Bode Museum.

(柏林:打击阿拉伯大家族犯罪—没收77处房地产 上周柏林检察官和刑警局成功打击了来自黎巴嫩的阿拉伯犯罪大家族,没收了他们77处房地产。去年初他们被刑警盯上,因家族成员从Bode博物馆偷走了“巨型枫叶金币“(100公斤)并溶化。警方认为他们用此钱和其他犯罪所得买了房地产。)

Author: GrainOfTruth

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