Audio: CBC Leader Interview – PPC Founder Maxime Bernier Talks With CBC National Affairs Editor Chris Hall on September 21, 2019

Audio: PPC Leader Maxime Bernier talks with CBC National Affairs Editor, Host of The House. Chris Hall on September 21, 2019. Chris Hall tells Maxime Bernier that he should ask people for their CV (resume) if they want to take a photo with him. This is the type of asinine reporting the CBC delivers, where’s all your CBC CV’s when interviewing. *(Has the CBC a new rule? – If one want a photo with a politician, he/she must have CV, full social media of ever form history printed out, family tree back at least 4 generations and 3 forms of photo ID.)
It’s been just over a year since Maxime Bernier quit the Conservatives to create the People’s Party of Canada. He has since moved the party from the margins of Canada’s political scene to the national stage, an achievement cemented this week by an invitation to the French and English leaders’ debates coming up in a few weeks. The interviewer was hostile and Maxime has done a great job. He is the only politician who is not afraid of ‘Political Correctness’ – the emperor;’s new clothes, and dare to speak out the truth and facts that all other are desperately to avoid. The more Max speaks, the more impressed and convinced for Canadian voters to make the right choice – turn away from the those ‘PC’ politicians.

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