Aggressive Arab Students Brutally Beat Up Peaceful Canadian Student After School in London, Ontario on October 29, 2019

This was a fight that took place in London, Ontario on October 29, 2019, the school is in front of city hall, a few blocks away. The following is a quote from a student observer: “The Arabs were talking shit to to the Canadian (non Arab?) kids and it built up and today was the day it changed from words to punches. Arabs talking shit everyday and threatening to attack them (non Arabs). Arabs already had a beef with one of the Canadian boys and continued to talk shit about him and threatening to beat his ass and kill him and his friends. They went to go see the Canadian kids at lunch and the fight broke out. The fighting finally calmed when the kid that was kicked in the head started having a seizure” How do we deal with this as Canadians? How do we get past this? With our new government, we can expect over 300,000 new immigrants every year. What happened in London is happening in cities throughout Canada. How will Canada deal with this?

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137 thoughts on “Aggressive Arab Students Brutally Beat Up Peaceful Canadian Student After School in London, Ontario on October 29, 2019

  1. looks like shitholers fighting shitholers to me?i dont see any whites whom are the the real canadians not these colored imposters who ran to whitey for sanctuary and a better life groveling at the feet of trudeau.they are pathetic mother fuckers i would rather die than take handouts.not arabs.

  2. Discrasful to our earth. Twisted lies. made up government. where I come from, You’s be catching a lesson how it works around here with a punch in the mouth. Remember that.
    ” true knowledged Canadian ”
    Laws must be slaughtered
    Government must loose power of ways that reality doesn’t exist. Maybe if the scamming and evil way pricks would f o we would probably have a good society. Instead we have a circus show. Putin’s about the only one of any government that surprises me. “You true Canadians watch for the only mouth to go against government ways and be on our side. I’ll be voting proudly again for that guy. Till then, big mistake Mr. “Rise of Islam” 2012. You must not know alot of the hellians and bikers and riders n crossers and so forth of canada lolol. All of Canadian listed above. Top drug dealers runners collectors bikers helliuns 25-45 yr old sledders. They start that shit. I hope you all stand with your country as alot of canadians are peaceful, caring people, but a lot of us, I know; we have a sign on our heads says, “No BS.” Alot of us have a line to us, most know not to cross. Let me make this clear as day for you “VISITORS”. As you can see in the comments. You may want to think about your decision. That gun law is to disarm us. This striping us of alot of things is to make us vulnerable n weak, disarm are army basis is #1 on the chart. So as u can see as you fill the 4 corners on repeated history
    You forgot to read the fine print.
    I think in the end
    You picked the wrong country.
    Just reality speaking that’s all

    1. and all this came to light by watching a bunch of high school punks have a pathetic punch up?lol,you were enlightened by display of pussery.lmao.

  3. hopefully the london skinheads start recruiting and wage all out war on this muslim filth that is plaguing our society it will only get worse before it gets better

  4. its time for the Holocaust of the Muslim’s exterminate them all the we need to exterminate the liberals

    1. Great rid of any Arab at first sign of violance- deport them. They are such a joke. There is this Arab family that have 6 kids and bitches he can’t afford to get his kids to school. STOP HAVING SO MANY KIDS IF YOU CANT AFFORD IT. He says he can’t get a job as it interferes with his daily prayers- WELL BUDDY YOU WILL BE PRAYING ALL DAY FOR A JOB ONCE SOCIETY WAKES UP AND REVOKES YOUR CURRENT HAND OUTs fucking looser

      1. It’s not just the Arabian Muslim. It’s the Palestinians who are trying to figure out how to take over Canada and turn our country into the kalastine country like every other countries they have been invading our country and trying to import as many Muslims into Canada, change our laws, constitution, history, culture values traditions and if we don’t believe into the kran and Allah’s message that if non believers don’t believe that Allah is the only God and if we don’t believe we will be killed. Funny thing is that real Canadian citizens will always fight for the country we built, love and will die to protect against degeneret terrorist groups etc.

  5. Come to my place and try that stunt with me you stupid Asian pigs you won’t live to see tomorrow ..go back to your corrupt country before we ship you back in body bags

  6. Hey the way i see it all the ppl in that video would be put in the hospital where i come from cause were i come from in Canada we are probably the last ones to believe in one on one fights and when then the fight is done the beef is done. This hole gruop fighting shit is low lifes fight. And if you want to talk about immigrants most of the ppl are immigrants, that includes whites cause Canada started out with native Americans. So if your of European, Asian or whatever descent you are a immigrant. And the ppl who were stomping and kicking ppl in the head while they are on the ground deserves to either go to jail or get a pair of concrete boots and throwen in the lakes to never be found again. So if you all want to argue about immigration/immigrants look at your family history, where they come from. But everyone in the video plus the one standing around watching and filming the fight are low life peices of shits. But for the person who stopped everything they were doing to help the guy who was having a seizure, he needs a less harsh punishment cause he made sure the guy was safe and kept ppl back enough. So if you guys want to fight or argue over race or immigrant/immigration find out what they really mean and look at your family history.

    1. Even the Indians were immigrants to this country if you care to go back far enough,just saying.

    2. That is a stupid and ignorant statemen saying that Canadians are all immigrants. Pioneers and settlers were not immigrants but developers. To be an immigrant it is leaving a country to go to another country. Pioneers came from another country to an open land America. Know your histor stupid are you and beside that are you a muslims sympathizer? Just saying

    3. Lol native American Indian sweetheart is the United States. Can was Cree, black footed Indians, Inuit people etc. The indigenous people were from the Asian countries and from the US. Us Indians Inuit and white European settlers yes we’re immigrants but unfortunately the indigenous people didn’t have a clue what they were sitting let alone how to extract the resources. Also without the white skinned people who brought the horses,the indigenous people would still be walking,, with out the saws,axes, hammer etc the indigenous people would have still be in tepees. Without the money the indigenous people loved to have and spend while giving them the jobs in trading, manual labor work in saw mills etc which the indigenous people who didn’t like to work manual labor but unfortunately they would have rather starve and live beside the road begging while like today alot of Alberta indigenous peoples are business owner with the energy sector making millions of dollars for themselves and their communities. Without the fur trading offer to the indigenous communities for a better life and the other side was most indigenous women married white European settlers for a better life because the indigenous men who were spending the money on oh white skinned people booze. Like today buy for your self not the forced into drinking alcohol like the indigenous activist’s group blames the white European settlers. Nope just a addiction and obcessiOn of the next fix. I’m sorry but Canada would not have been where it is today without the European white skinned people along with every other immigrants who actually worked fought for the country and loved this country along with the advanced and innovative way to build this country and accepted the invitation to advance their own life and community members with hard work and contribute into the kitty with taxes. The indigenous people didn’t want to work with the citizens but wanted a part of the pie for free

  7. You guys are ignorant little pussies on this website talking shit about Islam. First off, I guarantee you guys get all your info about islam from white nationalist pages, you trailer trash incest loving bums!!! You guys keep hiding behind the internet and forming your little white supremacy hate groups only gonna make things worse. I also guarantee what happened in this video didn’t happen because muslims are trying to take over Canada. You guys are some of the most ignorant and uneducated sounding fools on the internet, giving a bad name for Canadians. The Arab community in my city of Edmonton is successful and very respectful. I’m white and I get along with them just fine!!! In fact, they’re more business oriented than most of my white friends, you internet fools sound jealous and mad probably cuz you have nothing going for you. Go make some money and get off your keyboards. Bums.

    1. You inbred mother trucker take a look at the news around you open your eyes the mission has begun !

      1. Wow for real guy, you just defined what muslims do in their own country………clearly there are nice respectful muslims but these kids and some of them cast a huge bad shadow over the rest. Sure some of them are murders but they have a good heart right 🙄 please take your head out of your ass and see this for what it really is some punk children think they are untouchable because of their race. They need to realize they’re not period…

    2. Fuck these imagrints are the most useless people in the world. No skills, at all. U guys done fuckt up tho! Lol. Soon it will be them on the ground all fucked up. Can only push people so far before they push back. U will see.

      1. The government is allowing this to happen on the scale that it is happening for a very good reason it’s two separate people create Division and ultimately control everybody cuz nobody could pick a side

    3. And you little one sound like you partake of Gunja . Your context and rambling just makes you sound like the uneducated one.

    4. My friends son and his friend were set up in millwoods when trying to sell his watch two 15 or 16 year old immigrant kids robbed them at machette point and cut one of th kids hands up pretty bad

    5. LMFAO. Where did you get your bs facts and delusional uneducated thinking about white supremacy from. Lol. Truly sad you actually don’t understand we are talking about Palestinians, Iraq, Iran etc Muslims. Have you ever read some of the delusional, brainwashing, pedophiles, murdering, raping women and girls marrying children off. The 8-9 years old for money after these degenerets rape this innocent child to just get his rocks off because she’s a virgin then sends her home making a public message she’s not a virgin and no good for marriage. Instead of talking out your ass. Making white supremacy victim card because you don’t have any other educated and factual information to contribute. Right of freedom of expression and views does my people racist. Your a uneducated moron if you keep saying shit about people trying to take advantage of people right shut up now lol

  8. Come to me and try to hurt me or my family mother fuckers….will be your last day on earth. Funny, I’ve lived in Canada for over 26 years, have had my Canadian Citizenship for 20 years, went to school, work in a trade, no criminal record, no license suspension ever, paid more taxes than 95% of Canadians, yet I’m still called a welfare loving immigrant criminal just because of my color. Fuck you people who first ask the highly skilled to come here, then treat them like shit. I’ve been raised to be helpful and kind to people, be a giving Canadian, whether that’s money or volunteering, but never to take shit over race. Most of you pussies wouldn’t have the balls to say it to my face. Thank God most of Canada doesn’t share the same views as you fucks. I live in Saskatchewan, and voted for Andrew Scheer, and wish Trudeau would be voted out, but not because of the racist shit coming out of your faces. You people are the worst type of scum, a disease on Canada, and I hope your bullshit wont pass to the next generation. Coming from a proud Canadian!!!!

    1. Amen my friend,my next door neighbor is a mixed race of South Africa dark skin great guy we trust him and his wife to take care of our property when we are in Florida for the winter awesome people. With people slamming you well fuck them there are a lot of uneducated hillbillies in Canada that give us all a black eye

  9. Disgusting this kid should be charged uttering threats and the fight causing bodily harm and then deport his a**. But I’m sure Trudope Will probably offer him and his family millions

  10. First of all it wasn’t after school, Hb Beal isn’t down the road from city hall, you can’t lead to assume they beat up a white Canadian, it was arab fighting arabs. The one who had a seizure was hit by a white student and was an arab, the one who got kicked in the head was an arab student. Get your facts straight.

    1. This is coming from someone who seen it happen right infront of their eyes right when they first started fighting to everybody jumping in.

  11. Next it will be Ak’s they pull out, our country will be run by them, then what you pussies that like them gonna say???

  12. Up yours piece of shit coward that won’t fight for his own country but comes here to destroy ours F U

  13. Time o fight back and send them home and they are barbaric pieces of shit and another yes to fuck Allah or whoever ur fuckin god is fuck off go back to ur shitty ass 3rd world shit hole and don’t come back…

    Walking shit sticks go home


  14. Canada, you need to wake the fuck up! Canada WILL be a Muslim state within 3 generations thanks to Captain crybaby sparkle socks. The only chance you have is to stop it and stop it NOW by whatever means necessary!


  15. Huh, I had the same thing happen. Got attacked at high school. Thing is they were not Muslim. They were Canadian.. nuff said.

    1. Your a shit talking bitch Mike. Sadly this happens from both sides but Arabs are notorious for it if the Canadians beat your ass you probably deserved it

      1. Meh, Christian’s and Catholics deserve it for what you guys did to my people. You’ve destroyed this land called Turtle Island within only a couple hundred years, and you’ve continue to try to kill us off to this day. You, Catholics and Christians, your arch enemies the Muslims and others alike have come to take from you what you took from my people. Enjoy

        1. We deserve it? Then why the fuck did you come to OUR country ? Go the fuck home then ! It will be a cold fucking day in hell if you think Canadians will allow YOU to take our country

          1. Canadians wont do anything…their cowards and it’s the reason why I moved away from Canada…sick of being surrounded by spineless cowards.

        2. go back where it wasn’t so tough for you. the race of the people doesn’t matter. It is their lack of morals and human decency. Your way of thinking is disgusting and my God will take care of you

        3. Up yours piece of shit coward that won’t fight for his own country but comes here to destroy ours F U

        4. There you go, you are evil, us Canadians don’t think like you savages, fuck you, we will fkn fight back

        5. Then maybe you should go back across the Bering strait from whence you came..we are all immigrants..even you there Sparky..

  16. No different tha high schools 20 years ago with the forced migration of Somali youth. One young man pulled a knife on a girl because she wouldn’t give him her soccer ball. It progressed into a gang fight at the mall where several kids were stabbed. (CBC) Migration should be natural, not forced. Those who wish to be here will adopt Canadian values and be welcomed.

    1. No this isn’t the same as forced migration of Somali’s this is a co-ordinated effort by muslims to take away Canadians rights. muslims think they are better than everyone else.

      1. They certainly out number us canadians and that’s a fact…I said it before and I will say it again..There are 7 or 8 muslims countries in this world and Canada is NOT one of threm. If your culture and religion are so important to you, why come here? why not go to a muslim country where you all are basically on the same boat and perhaps you don’t feel the need to beat a human being half to death!!
        Death to Allah or what ever the fuck they call him!!

  17. it’s time that ALL immigrants must learn what it is like to live in Canada, respect each other, agree that other religions have a place, forget their violent past, oppose any religious violent sermons, and agree that if ANY (or more) of these ideas are broken with in the ENTIRE life span of the origin applicant, ALL family members will be returned to the originating “freedom loving” country of origin! just my opinion jif they wish to leave what ever abhorrent country and come here!

  18. This happened at my son’s elementary school…kid stopmped on another boys face knocking out teeth. NO punishment…principal gave a speech explaining the arab kid didn’t yet understand the rules here in Canada. He was responsible for SEVERAL fights and to the point my son was afraid to look at this kid, talk to him, ignore him…everything in fear of being another victim. I finally pulled him from school his anxiety was so bad he was literally sick every day.

    1. That is so awful. Something somehow has to change. Canadians like that teacher are too damn wimpy!

  19. Time to teach your kids to kick ass and take no shit from these immigrants!!!!!!!!!!!!!🤬🤬🤬

    1. time for Trudeau to stop bringing them in and step up seeing he said he would be personally responsible.
      for harm brought to any Canadian citizens”.

        1. Of course Trudeau and his elite doesn’t have to go Thur this bull shit in the private schools they just want to bring in 300k of them a year and call real Canadians names if we say something well bullshit to you if I’m around some crap like that the stupid kid and his parent will BE GIVEN SOME MANNERS

          1. i agree .if they touched trudeaus kid he would be pissed off also..

  20. I have been saying for two years that we have to fight back we are losing our Canadian identity is we don’t start now the future for your children will be lost .

    1. October 16, 2016, Justin Trudeau was defending his governments’ action of flooding Canada with refugees.
      In a statement to the media Justin was quoted as saying,
      “I will be personally responsible for harm brought to any Canadian citizens”.
      Since that statement, a number of Canadian citizens have suffered personal injury and death
      It is time that Justin takes responsibility for his public claim and start paying out of hiw own personal pocket and not the taxpayers pocket.

      1. Because Trudeau said that publicly, every family who has been harmed needs to personally sue Trudeau and take some of his family’s $$$

      2. And yet he was reelected. My question isn’t why . . . I know why. My question is why do so many non citizens get the right to vote? Time for a change, and WEXIT is the answer.

        1. Muslims here on work permits got ballots in the mail. Another ploy by Trudeau to stay in power and make no mistake it was “Those people” who got him re-elected.

  21. 300000 more fuckin scum being brought in wtf is wrong with this picture they live like rats and should be exterminated like rats

    1. This comment is disgusting. This whole thread is disgusting. First, nobody here knows how this fight started and why. Fights happen in school all the time. Just because a participant in the fight is not white does not make them rats to be exterminated. Comments like these and articles like this ARE the problem. They create hate and division. Incite people to hate each other.

      1. You have been sleeping with rip van einkle.cut off Danish girls heads for hiking in morrocco. There 1400years history Catholics and Christians never fifcyhst to Muslims.Islam is not a religion it’s s military coupe.

      2. yes we are all the same but thats not what arabs think they wanna take over the world and i hope you and your whole piece of shit family is raped and murdered by these muslims you care so much for now you should kill yourself

  22. All the parents and canadian people that have had issues or where there have been awful assaults should come forward and get a good lawyer to sue bith the government and the islamic society of Canada. Yes, this government is ruining western culture, our way of life. This is just one example of the thousands daily that go unreported worldwide from this particular group. Islam is not a religion, it is not for peace, it is a take over political movement. Wake up people.

    1. could not agree more with your statement. except they should sue Trudeau personally because he did open that up by saying on October 16, 2016, “I will be personally responsible for harm brought to any Canadian citizens”.

  23. This is what happens when you let the barn animals in the house to live..

  24. Fuck the imagrants, and the liberal government. We must start patrolling the areas we live in. Carry what ever you need to put these VERMIN down. No mercy for these worthless parasites !!

    1. Yup…come to me and try to hurt me or my family mother fucker….will be your last day on earth. Funny, I’ve lived in Canada for over 26 years, have had my Canadian Citizenship for 20 years, went to school, work in a trade, paid more taxes than 95% of Canadians, yet I’m still called a welfare loving immigrant criminal just because of my color. Fuck you people who first ask the highly skilled to come here, then treat them like shit. I’ve been raised to be helpful and kind to people, be a giving Canadian, whether that’s money or volunteering, but never to take shit over race. Most of you pussies wouldn’t have the balls to say it to my face. Coming from a proud Canadian!!!!

  25. Fuck Arabs this is Canada we need to stop all these dirty goat fuckers it’s our duty the police are useless pieces of shit criminals who are allowing these goat fuckers to invade and hurt us whites wake up stupid people

    1. This is what happens when you bring third world people in our country. They always gang up on one person shows the cowards they are. Can’t fight fair?

  26. One thing I’ve learned from experience…. we’ve been taught respect and not to hit or harm one another….. does not make us weak or cowards …. we are patience and do not want war ….. our will to live and and our strength too survive will surpass theirs … because if you live their lives full of hate and fear …. you only wish is too die ….. so they strive for it ….. they will be their own downfall by mass suicide ….

    1. Awwwww come onnnnn wake up 😡😡😡this is reality ! After being hit violently tell me after that if your way of thinking still apply’s 🤦‍♂️

  27. For the uneducated challanging the vet over Yugoslavia … you need to get educated.
    Bosnian genocide or Bosniak genocide refers to either the genocide in Srebrenica and Žepa committed by Bosnian Serb forces in 1995 or the wider crimes against humanity, and ethnic cleansing campaign throughout areas controlled by the Army of Republika Srpska which was waged during the 1992–1995 Bosnian War.

    1. My wife survived that. We went back last year. Can still see the scars in the smaller towns. Horrible

    2. Blah blah blah…the KLA ( Kosovo Liberation Army ) massacred hundreds if not thousands of Serbs( and others) during that bloody civil war( not a genocide ) ..
      NATO only bombed one side…
      An estimated 800 members of minority communities in Kosovo, were allegedly abducted and murdered by members of the KLA. Only a small number of their bodies have been found, exhumed and returned to their families for burial.

      According to the indictment victims of the alleged crimes included Kosovo Serbs, Kosovo Roma/Egyptians, and a Catholic Albanian, as well as Kosovo Albanians….

  28. No human being sould be treated that. I read the comments above.
    I going to bring reality check. I’m a full time Canadian Armed Forces of 30yrs of serving. Joined Army at age of 18yrs old.
    I’ve seen the worst what humanity can bring. 90s the war in Yugoslavia millions were killed due to religious beliefs. Seeing mass graves innocent women and kids killed. Also experience people die of hunger in Africa including genocide. During the war in Afghanistan seeing young girls missing right hands because the Taliban don’t want to learn to write.
    Seeing this in Canada makes me free very sad. I service so all Canadians can live in peace.

    Written by
    30yr Serving Member Army Combat Vet.

      1. You are right I should of had my facts. But it was more a figure of speech that I shouldn’t use.

        Overall, no less than 133,000 people were killed in the post-Yugoslav conflicts in the ’90s. The highest death toll was in Sarajevo: with around 14,000 killed during the siege, the city lost almost as many people as the entire war in Kosovo.

        My point is that Canadians should be about to live in peace.

        1. Not true. My wife is Bosnian. From Doboj. We where back last year. UN sanctioned Serb attacks. There goal was to wipe out the Bosnian Muslim communities. They would sit in the hills of the old Olympic site and snipe off kids in the bread lines in Sarajevo. Towards the end of the war the UN allowed a complete annihilation of a northern village. 27000 or so. There was a museum in Sarajevo just for this event. I cant remember the name of the village… nor can you Google it… it is buried. Point being…. this is coming to Canada. And we have the fucking doors wide open

  29. That’s funny,when I was a kid in school a non white,I was constantly being provoked by white kids to fight,there was only me a brown kid and one black kid in the whole school. myself and the black kid were back to back defending ourselves from daily verbal slurs and physical beatings about our races and colors,no one even cared,not the school teachers ,police or even political leaders in the community all white by the way.

    1. So now your happy it’s the other way around and white kids do not act like this. Arabs are scum. Interbred for generations The problem with your thinking is that this is a white country and we’ve allowed them to come to help them. Instead they are un grateful and racist. You did not import white people to abuse you.

      1. Missy – Don’t think the is happy that it’s the other way around, he is making a point – just to clarify something in your comments – WHITE KIDS DO ACT LIKE THIS (watch the news) and THIS IS NOT just A “WHITE COUNTRY”!

    2. I’m sorry that happened to you and your friend. There is no excuse! Instead of shaming you I wish everyone would learn from your experience and see that they are letting history repeat itself. Again. Hating someone for their comity or religious beliefs is literally the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. I hope nothing like that ever happens to you or anyone else

    3. Sometimes its not fair but you were different not ina a any means a bad way. Just remembering my son telling me years later that he was beat up and picked on for a few years at school. I asked him why he said, I was the only one in the school who had red hair. That’s why they picked on him, and he wasn’t a fighter he has and will always be the boy who would be friends with everyone.. life is not fair. Hope I said this right. There is no excuse for bullying.

  30. “The Arabs were talking shit to to the Canadian (non Arab?) kids and it built up and today was the day it changed from words to punches. Arabs talking shit everyday and threatening to attack them (non Arabs). Arabs already had a beef with one of the Canadian boys and continued to talk shit about him and threatening to beat his ass and kill him and his friends. They went to go see the Canadian kids at lunch and the fight broke out. The fighting finally calmed when the kid that was kicked in the head started having a seizure”

  31. It’s only just begun .One day we will have too defend ourselves from these rats our prime minister has infested us with

  32. So it was kids, plural, not one kid they beat up. White boys today cannot fight! Theyve lost theyre fire. Same happens in europe and USA. White boys getting beat up or they dnt even fight back. Its almost fun to watch now, because if they cant fight bk, they deserve it


        1. I dont think anyone is happy about this or the countless time anyone of any race is attacked, but I truley believe that is not the full story your going to sit with blinders on thinking that one of those white kids didnt say anything? They didnt tell the other kids to go back to where they came from or that they dont belong? I wish so much that EVERYONE would just stop looking at race and religion I think that hate just breeds hate. My white son was kidnapped by 6 white people tortured for 19 hours and killed him! So you cant tell me that it is just immigrants that act that way. I was attacked a couple years ago by a white man he was ripping my clothes in a parking garage while I screamed and people drove by, but another man and his wife came running to help me and saved me from what I could only imagine would destroy my life even further. Neither the man or woman that helped me spoke english very well neither of them where white, but they are my heroes! She held me while I cried telling me I’m safe now and he took off his shirt and gave it me. Maybe if we could ALL stop hating for the place someone was born or the god/gods they believe in then we could focus more on helping our children be understanding and not hateful. Then in a generation or too the world might actually be a better place. This situation and every situation like it is all because all this hate. Dont you understand there is no difference between someone born here and someone that wasnt except life events. Which is the difference between you and your neighbors. Come on, use common sense. Look at history do you really want to be as stupid and the people that fought wars over who’s god was the right one or what colour someones skin is.. this is a bunch of kids fighting and it’s wrong and disturbing but not because some of the kids are Arabic but because these kids havent been taught to work out their differences with their words. They havent been taught to walk a mile or try to look through someone else’s point of view.. there was a boy in Windsor ont. That was in a fight with another white kid and ended up in a coma.. anyone goingnto tell that person’s family to go back to where they came from? Or try to insight so much anger?? Give ur heads a shake. Common sense is a super power.. use it

          1. Nothing condones the brutality of what a gang is doing to one person. No matter what he said. Give your head a shake. Plus the laughing at the brutality says it all for me. Disgusting!

          2. We don’t want them here. I am sorry for your son, but that doesn’t change what is going on. These people are much different than us, with far different cultures and flooding our Country with them changes the fabric of society in extremely negative ways. White kids sometimes fight eachother, so lets just let them go to school and practice ethnic warfare. People like you are a huge issue in Canada, and if you choose those people over yours you are a traitor. Every other race but liberal whites like you have in group preferences, which has been proven. Wake the fuck up.

          3. Very sorry to hear what you personally went through and my heart aches for you losing your child. I totally agree 100% with your comments, we are all human beings, no matter what color skin or who we believe or not believe in, our blood is all the same color. This bullying is so out of hand, it’s time for everyone to step up and help each other out instead of fighting, killing. Watching this video made me sick, not one person got out of their cars to try and stop this!

    2. Your a fuckin idiot no one deserves to be punched threatened or anything of that matter u defend yourself if you have too but this shits gotta stop I’ll show respect but if I do not get it back for example those kids calling me names and hitting me mother fucker that would be the worst day of your lives and open for discussion any fuckin day of the week I support and love my fellow Canadians and I have all your backs and I’m not prejudice but lemme tell ya Arab or or any colour fuck with my fellow Canadian I’m in

    1. It won’t because the Liberals own the media and don’t want things like this to be public knowledge

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