Video of Ultra-violent Attack in Nice, France (One of the Attackers Identified)

Ultra-violent video from Nice, France, showing how unsafe (especially for foreign visitors) in today’s public place of many European cities due to huge third world immigration.

The public prosecutor of Nice, Jean-Michel Prêtre, revealed that one of the individuals involved in the video showing an assault in Old Nice had been identified.

In this sequence of less than a minute, we can see several people kicking a man while he is already on the ground, his face is stained with blood and he is visibly unconscious. The person was a homeless Pole, having been admitted to a hospital in the city on 4 September.

He was dismissed a few hours later, after receiving treatment, and did not wish to file a complaint. We know today that one of his attackers was unmasked. He did not need to be questioned since he is already in pre-trial detention for other acts of violence which he will have to answer shortly. Two to three other attackers are being identified.

Author: GrainOfTruth

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