Video of 9/11 That Has Been Banned in the Media

Today, 17 years after the September 11, criticizing Jihad Terror is considered “racist” and “hate”. The Satan-employed globalists is destroying G0D’s diversity by silencing all of its opponents rather than debate them. These atheist sinners won’t rest until no one dares oppose their agenda. They make allies with the Muhammad’s followers of Satanic cult. Today, media refused to show 9/11 Jumpers. Americans were forced to jump to their deaths while helpless Firefighters and Police stood below. This day has warned the G0D’s nation – America, that an apocalypse made by an alliance of Islamic cult and atheist Left is imminent decending upon the world. The Western nations are falling one by one, the UK, France, Germany, Sweden… and possibly Canada. America must stand firm because she will be the last hope of saving civilization. We must never stop exposing the Jihad Terror.

Author: GrainOfTruth

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