Trump Plans to Restrict Censorship Power of Social Media Giants

On August 28, 2018 Trump was asked if he will restrict the censorship power of Google, he replied “We will see”. He also mentioned that there are in total 160 million users of social platforms. The numbers of users of Twitter, Google, Facebook are all quite large. These social media platforms are not trustworthy, and are suspected of breaching the law of free speech.

If all of America’s internet speech is filtered, monitored, and silenced, then this world is certainly doomed. Trump would not have been elected, were it not for G0D’s power. His presidency is truly a blessing endowed by G0D upon the American people. To see whether or not Trump’s actions are correct, it suffices to take a look at those that oppose his actions. In American history, there has never been a president that has been as been opposed as much by communists, fascists, Islamist, street mobs, transsexuals, liberals, and all those around the world who hate America and wish it for its destruction.

As a president, Trump must uphold justice and must first combat those elites who are already in high position and fear the loss of their economic and political status. These people, with even a slight provocation, will enact desperate, vicious and grave retribution. It would otherwise be very easy to be a president, such as Obama, who had covered up the problems, knew the ways of speech, had many political contacts, made fake promises, flattered political rivals, and wowed the audience with a Nobel peace prize. Trump is an angel sent by the G0D to sweep away the greatest evil forces of today, and is the only hope of world peace and human existence.

Because a majority of Americans are faithful to Christian values, the political leftist elites are relatively small in number, and can only do as much as express their thoughts. Only when a majority of citizens respect G0D, does G0D care for the nation. Trump is the president selected by G0D to wipe the cancer off the face of the Earth.

Globalists, Leftists, Liberals and today’s Democrats are minions of Satan whose sole purpose is to destroy America, and the world. They claim that “diversity” is precious, yet all third-world sub-cultured countries, such as in Africa and Middle East, contain only chaos, disaster and failures. Never has there been a single “diverse” country free of internal chaos and civil wars. Successful immigration to America is a result of accepting American Christian culture and embracing American society, rather than bringing in third-world sub-culture. It is not “diversity” that makes America great, but rather the Christian faith and values upon which America was built. It is the faith in G0D which unites Americans and overcomes such diversification, thus allows one to achieve the American dream.

It’s a true miracle set by G0D. In retrospect to 2016 election, there were terrific moments. Were it not for G0D’s power, it would be impossible to explain how Trump’s presidency came to be. At the beginning of 2004, Christian gospel Kim Celment prophesied this particular moment of the Trump presidency. He died before the election. He also prophesied that after Trump’s election, some would attempt to “impeach” him, but without any success. G0D protect Trump, guard America, and bless the Human Race.

Author: GrainOfTruth

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