Toronto: Asylum Seeker Randomly “Halal” Knifed 58-year-old White Man at Canadian Passport Office

Toronto, Canada:  An asylum seeker lost control after his application was rejected. He went to a Canadian passport office and frantically “halal” knifed an innocent 58-year-old white man who was waiting in the line.

The CTV anchors gave no ethnicity, religion and name of the attacker because the Islamic info is what Trudeau admin desperately wants to hide. Pathetically, had a native white Canadian been the attacker, the media would’ve not only given his name and address, but also dug up every bit of his info down to his shoe size.

I’ve been to the building many times. It’s where my doctor’s office was and it’s a very busy and crowded place. For sure, it’s where a simple Jihad terror maneuver can produce maximum ripple effect. The Islamic info of this “Toronto [Asylum Seeking] man” is where in these days all the mental cases seem to be originating from. As Robert Spencer says: “It’ll only get worse before it gets better.”

The Liberal govt is accountable for their letting in such third world “shitholers”. These Leftist traitors have the victims’ blood on their hand. May G0D bless Canada ?? and keep all of us safe.

The kind of knife is commonly used in Toronto daily stabbings, which is highly ornate and is Middle Eastern look.

Author: GrainOfTruth

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