Root of Sri Lanka Easter Bombings: Gaza Cleric “Mad” About Notre-dame Cathedral From Which “Crusade Against Islam” Was Once Declared

MEMRI published on Apr 22, 2019: In a Friday sermon delivered in Gaza on April 19, 2019, Mahmoud Al-Hasanat, an Islamic cleric, referred to the fire in the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris. Al-Hasanat rebuked Arab leaders for shedding tears for the French cathedral and collecting funds to rebuild it while they remained silent when mosques in Syria and Gaza were burned down and destroyed. Al-Hasanat said that thousands of people are being burned in Syria today, but Arab leaders do not shed tears for them. “Our blood is cheap, but the blood of the French and Parisians is expensive.” Al-Hasanat added that a Crusade against Islam was once declared from this very cathedral. “The heads of Muslims were chopped off and people were killed in the streets, after war [against Islam] had been declared in this cathedral.” He concluded by saying: “This is their principle: Killing an animal in the jungle is an unforgivable crime, but killing an entire Muslim people is a matter open for debate.”

Author: GrainOfTruth

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