Paris, France: Secular Woman Bravely Makes Herself Topless to Disrupt Anti-Islamophobia Rally

Paris, France: A female counter-demonstrator makes herself topless to disrupt Anti-Islamophobia rally on Sunday (2019-11-10), just a few weeks after two people were seriously wounded during a shooting at a mosque by an alleged far-right extremist in Bayonne. The brave woman in the middle of what appears to be a large crowd of leftists and Muslims starts out with a sign that says: “Blasphemy is a right of (those who live in) the Republic of France”. It isn’t until people took her sign away that she went for a message that was harder to ignore. “Do not sell secularism cheaply”.
Video 2: The Femen warrior in question is named Meriam, she burned a Quran topless five years ago.

Author: GrainOfTruth

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