2 thoughts on “Never Seen Interview of Donald Trump From 1980: No Matter How Far to Look Back, President Trump is Consistent in the Things He Says

  1. Donald Trump is a fine man. God chose him at the right time in our life’s .He was choose By our lord, and savior .The lord saw that the other’s weren’t doing what he expected them to do.They lost favor in Gods eyes.
    Won’t helping this country .Letting the devil take his course of Hurting this country and the people..
    So I believe God did put him here to save this country of all harm that was going on in the foreigner people and countries, They always wanted to destroyed our country.Just like when God sense his son Jesus Christ to Israel to help the Jews, and now Jerusalem is the capital.the lord waited for someone to lead Israel out of bondage so he Use Donald Trump to take of this for him. The lord always using people that is quantify to represented his worked.

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