Muslim Candidate For Michigan Governor Openly Declared His Support for Muslim Brotherhood

Abdulrahman Mohamed El-Sayed, a Muslim candidate for Governor in Michigan openly supported the Muslim Brotherhood takeover of Egypt during the uprising against Hosni Mubarak. El-Sayed is a Sharia compliant Muslim who openly defended the Muslim Brotherhood with his own words. The ensuing Muslim Brotherhood takeover of Egypt — facilitated by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton — led to disaster and to the Brotherhood’s removal in a popularly supported military coup. Here is the video where Abdul EL-Sayed declares support for Jihadist MB leader Mohamed Morsi.

A major threat that the U.S. is facing comes from atheist communism and Satanic Islam. Damage from the global rampage of communism can be reversed. Communist barbaric regimes can be brought to collapse by economic bankruptcy, military arm race, and internal political turmoil. However, the damage Islam incurs upon America and the West is irreversible. Islam’s insidious approach is unstoppable. The growth of Islam within the West is aided by the white lefties. Michigan has escaped this time around, but sooner or later, a Muslim governor will pop up from the overwhelmingly Islamic demography in the region.

Actually, the biggest threat facing the United States is the decline in faith of Christianity. If Americans can maintain Christian belief as strongly as they did sixty years ago, America need not be afraid of any threats from the two ungodly forces [atheist communism and Satanic Islam]. But, if Christianity continues to slip downward the way it is today, America will fall on its own without any external strikes.

An even bigger difference between White Leftists and Communism, is that the evils of communism are widely recognized by the West. In the West, communism and Nazism are notorious evils, while Islam is condoned under the protection of White Leftist’s concept of ‘Political Correctness’. While Islam cannot be rightfully criticized, the Muhammad’s followers continue using bombings and shootings as well as demographic Jihad to achieve their ultimate goal of domination. Despite this, many politicians and white leftists criticize and discourage the use of the terms “Islamic extremist” or “fundamentalist”.

Satanic Islam is a great threat to the West as well as the atheist left-ideology, with their alliance achieving maximum strength – a force to be reckoned with.

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