Minneapolis: Gang of Somali Muslim Thugs Savagely Beating Up a White Guy, Stealing Valuables, Stripping Off His Clothes

Minneapolis, Minnesota – Ilhan Omar’s District in America: MSM wants to keep this Racist Hate Crime quiet. Gang of 12 Somali teen thugs savagely beat an American man, steal his valuables and strip off his clothes… Police have arrested more than a dozen of the cultural enrichers, some as young as 13. (BNI)

Author: GrainOfTruth

38 thoughts on “Minneapolis: Gang of Somali Muslim Thugs Savagely Beating Up a White Guy, Stealing Valuables, Stripping Off His Clothes

  1. I simply have no words fitting for these vile creatures, these evil inhuman actions/behaviors. Please, someone send this to Trump. I do not care what you or any other say about him, one thing about Trump, he wouldn’t, and won’t let “this’ in America,
    PS I would look as to where & I would send it but I’ve just had eye surgery, typing not much problem, but where to send will need my eyeballs to read 🙁
    This IS bullsh*t!

  2. Need to shoot everyone of those fuckers in that video. No questions asked. A bullet to each forehead of those filthy bastards. Justice will then be served!!!

    1. It’s going to come to that. Ppl are going to start carrying whether they can or not. Criminals do it and they don’t get in trouble so might as well deal with the consequences, it beats being killed by an illegal pos. I would have no problem sleeping at night knowing I killed each and every one of those scumbags, protecting myself and my family… no remorse. Fuck them. Send them back to their shithole country and let them starve to death, ungrateful, useless wastes of air.

  3. Start shooting all the Somali gang members, muggers, rapists. Send them a message. Americans are not going to take your shit. They want you to be sympathetic to their harsh life they escaped. It’s all bullshit to further the Muslim way of life and spread it to America. Kill them all and let GOD sort them out.

  4. Nigger is a word that offends blacks, but should only offend blacks that fit the discription of it. The reason why non-Nigger blacks get offended is because they hate to be associated with their race’s “bad apples,” not because of whatever slavery-related nonsense that other people confuse it with…Just how non-Redneck whites hate to be called as such. Everyone (including whites) can agree that there is a huge difference between “blacks” and “niggers.”

    Black people are just hard-workers who contribute to society just like everyone else…Now NIGGERS, are the gang-banging, uneducated, welfare-abusing, cap-popping, thuggin’, no-good, drug-selling/using, nothing-but-rap-listening, terrible parenting, never-want-to-get-ahead-in-life blacks, that nobody wants around…not even regular blacks.

    Any Black person who has sense, will NEVER use that word in a positive manner (this means the word “nigga”). If you want to associate someone with being your close friend, use the term “friend,” not “my nigga!” It makes you sound and look like an idiot. I’m black, and I hate the word but whenever I use it, I’ll use it in a negative manner like the examples listed in above’s description.

    1. So, there’s a bunch of cowardly punks running around in Minneapolis, hating “white people”- LET’S NOT BRING RACE INTO THIS, just because this author chose to refer to this victim as a white man instead of an American citizen. Here’s my thought. Myself and my friends will be happy to drive ourselves over to Minneapolis and any other city for that matter, and lay hands on any mother fucker who thinks they’re allowed to come put their feet on our land and treat our brothers or sisters in any way other than with respect and decency. When they choose not to, we’ll gladly send them back to their homeland regretting their decision. If you’re dumb enough to fuck with Americans, in America- YOU’RE GONNA LEARN A HARD LESSON AND A PAINFUL LESSON.

    2. I completely agree, and believe a N-word person is not just one color but a character disposition.

  5. Get this dirty ass , put them in a ship and send them back wherever they came front , no question or any remorse, please do it before this continue to escalate !!!!!!!!

    1. Yup he let this trash in..the ones who said “save me, welcome me please, I’m fleeing from violence in my country.” Now we are the ones in fear. Obama is responsible for this chaos! 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  6. Typical worthless kind, that’s why I carry a glock, every one of them n*ggers would take a fucking hollow point

    1. you are an id10t, ignorant and yourmther dresses you funny. expressions such as you posted made you a prime candidate for NOT having a gun.

      i think what those individuals did was disgusting and deplorable. they should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. if their victim had been armed he would have justified in using deadly force to protect himself: not because of their skin but because of the clear and present danger they presented.
      i will not engage in race baitng.

      1. and if they were white or Chinese Or etc, he would’ve called them something else. He called it as it is.

  7. This is what that moron in Washington is pushing for. She is no more an American then these thugs are. Had a WHITE person shot one or more. OMG the ignorant media would have been all over that.

    Deport all of them and send her and her other Muslim loving idiots, oh and Democrats who condone this crap.


  8. Even the Dalai Lama says they’re not compatible with our country.
    They should indeed go back. I don’t trust one as far as I can spit. Disgusting, filthy and vile.

  9. These vermin are nothing but street rats. I’d bet none are working, none plan on working, and they all have a list of petty crimes.
    Can we deport pieces of shit like this already.
    Downfall of America.

  10. If you’re normal get out of Minneapolis. If you have to ask yourself if you’re normal, stay in Minneapolis.

  11. The Somalians are Muslim terrorists. I hope these creeps were arrested. Ilhan Omar is only a “clip” of what these inhuman people are capable. They are creeps from hell. They have business here and if you have ever really listened to her, you should. Read between the lines and how she laughs when she talks about how her teacher acts when he talks about Al Queda. She doesnt belong here and she certainly doesn’t belong in Congress.

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