Message of Custodela

In the coming decades, Europe will continuously be in the crossfire of attacks, countless migrants are entering and will be entering Europe through its southern and eastern borders. This modern age migration, invasion is now threatening the existence of the Christian nations of Europe. The real face of “multiculturalism” is hidden from ordinary European people, the media manipulates and withholds information. Custodela-plan will open the eyes of Europeans.

Custodela is a Latin word meanings: protection, watch, security, shelter. The symbol of Custodela is the winged lion that refers to Venice, which was founded by those Europeans who were escaping to the lagoons of the sea from the invasion that threatened Europe back in those days. The most effective resistance

Custodela-plan is not a new movement and most of all, it is not about starting a new political party. We are not organizing demonstrations. Custodela-plan is a method, materialized through a world organization, which reveals the real face of multiculturalism. We are planning to establish such elite groups that – in alliance with each other – can stir up the population of the whole of Europe with the tools of mass communication and guerrilla-marketing. In order to ensure its independence, the necessary financial sources will be raised by the grassroots, with the resources of voluntary, transparent and professionally organized donations and by founding legally registered civil clubs. Our aim by using the pressure of public opinion is to force the European govts, the leaders of the European Union to act against illegal migration, to protect the external Schengen borders and to deport without exceptions all those who enter Europe illegally, including all the economical migrants. Our aim is to protect the real European values. Our aim is to protect Europe that was built on the traditions of the European nations, on the Greco-Roman civilization and on Christianity. Our aim is to perpetuate the European nations that are in alliance with each other, however, are all still sovereign.

Join us! First of all, contact us! Make guerrilla-videos about the real face of multiculturalism! Take photos, videos of illegal migration, of this invasion that threatens the existence of the European civilization. Send us these photos and videos!

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