Maxime Bernier: Three Arguments Why You Should Vote His New Party

Maxime Bernier said on Twitter why you should vote his new party, instead of the fear of splitting the vote from the CPC:

1/ Many of you are saying you like My Ideas, you have no confidence in Andrew Scheer’s weak leadership, but you still plan to vote for the CPC because you are concerned that vote splitting will allow Trudeau to be re-elected. Here are three arguments to consider.

2/ First, the split has already happened. Denying it will not make it go away. If what you want is a real alternative to Trudeau, then you should join me and encourage everyone you know to do the same. The faster the shift happens, the less splitting there will be next year.

3/ Second, the new party will not just take votes away from the CPC, but also from Libs and other parties, as a poll showed last week. And because it offers something new, it will motivate many among the 35% of Cdns who abstain. GAINING new votes will make the difference.

4/ And third, if you like my ideas and want them to be part of political debates, why wait years before actively supporting them? Why let this opportunity pass by? Won’t you feel better standing up for your principles right now instead of settling for “not as bad as Trudeau?”

5/ My new party will be up and running very soon. You will then have a choice: A party with a weak leader and weak ideas. Or a party with a strong leader and strong ideas. If you choose weakness over strength, YOU will be splitting the vote for a real alternative to Trudeau.

Author: GrainOfTruth

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