Maxime Bernier: “Not as Bad as Trudeau” Is Not Good Enough

Maxime Bernier said on Twitter why he has left the Conservative Party to set up a new one:

1/ I understand the concern many of you have about vote splitting. Until two weeks ago, my plan was to run as a Conservative in 2019. But there comes a time when one has to take a stand. “Not as bad as Trudeau” is not good enough.

2/ I simply don’t believe the CPC can be reformed and can stand for real conservative values and policies. Either it will be defeated next year or, if it wins, there will be not substantial change in the way Canada is governed.

3/ So, what can we do? We can rally behind a weak leader and indefinitely postpone asking the hard questions, because there is never a good time to risk disunity. This means there will NEVER be a real conservative option.

4/ Or we can stand for the principles we believe in and work as hard as we can to make them win. There is NO OTHER WAY to get there, even if if creates disunity and tensions in the short term.

5/ Those who say we should settle for “not as bad as Trudeau” because it’s not the right time are the ones creating disunity. They’re the ones preventing our movement from growing and winning. It’s time we break this deadlock.

Spending the week with his family at a beautiful lake in central Quebec, Maxime Bernier is working on Elections Canada documents to launch the new party and calling his team and supporters across the country.

Author: GrainOfTruth

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