Let Faith Speak: Taxpayers Deserve to See Faith Goldy Debate, Let the People Decide

This is Faith Goldy last year responding to her critics who accused her that she is part of a conspiracy to normalize neo-Nazi beliefs.

Toronto mayoral candidate Faith Goldy went on the stage at a Toronto mayoral debate Monday (2018-09-24), to present a petition to the debate moderator before being escorted off by police.

This wasn’t just Faith Goldy getting removed from the debate. This wasn’t just the over 5,000 who signed the petition ignored. This wasn’t just the 180,000+ decided Faith Goldy voters silenced. This is what our degenerated “democracy” looks like under the menace of “Being Politically Correct”.

Video from the official account of News Talk 1010 (Toronto’s breaking news, traffic and weather):

City News’ coverage: They are the only ones who actually interviewed her. Here’s the full clip.

CTV’s coverage includes a full segment on the NDP in Queen’s Park demanding Doug Ford denounce Faith Goldy, and the premier has refused to do it.

Author: GrainOfTruth

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