Leftist Propaganda Video That Fooled Louisa and Maren to Be Decapitated in Morocco

Maren Ueland, one of the two Scandinavian girls found decapitated in Morocco, shared this German propaganda video on her Facebook in 2015. Politicians and Media have blood on their hands for pushing the lie of “diversity” and “inclusion” that convinced these naive girls to walk straight into the Devils hands. *(It reminds us of another case where naivety encountered the “religion of peace”: Pippa Bacca, an Italian Leftist and feminist artist who got herself raped and murdered in Turkey while she was hitchhiking internationally to promote “world peace” under the motto, “marriage between different peoples and nations”).

For those who don’t want to spend 2 minutes to watch the video:
  • Nice looking white man walking with his briefcase.
  • White woman is scared of a Muslim man with a suspicious bag.
  • Suddenly action: Police arrests the white man whose bag turns out to be full of drugs (?).
  • Meanwhile, the Muslim man has met his family, is a loving father and the suspicious bag contains a toy for his kid.
Maren Ueland shared this video on her Facebook in 2015

Author: GrainOfTruth

4 thoughts on “Leftist Propaganda Video That Fooled Louisa and Maren to Be Decapitated in Morocco

  1. This is not true, they was not Leftist.
    This is THE ONLY you could find on their Facebook. From January 2015 and who knows why she shared it. We are not perfect, and the way they’ve been slandered and almost celebrated by Right Wing boys in mainly America (outside of Scandinavia at least) is disgusting.

    A shared video and that’s all you’re go for and you call yourself Christian? Hypocrite!

    1. Truth hurts, you hypocrite, double standard, ethnomasochist, leftard piece of shit.

      She shared it, because she was fucked in the head brainwahsed white slut drinking leftard kike anti-white virtue signalling propaganda.

      She is not the first nor last white slut going to “explore” whatnot herself in Turd World country and being “culturally enriched” by “vibrant diversity”.

  2. “who got herself raped and murdered in Turkey”
    -quotation by author, Hannibal Lecter

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