Increasing Sexual Assaults on Women by Sharia Uber Drivers in Toronto

Toronto, Canada: Uber driver Senol Komec (Turkish Muslim) has been charged with four counts of sexual assaults and four counts of forcible confinement of four women. Police revealed that the rape jihadi took his advantage of his job as a Uber driver to sexually assault at least four women. As City News Pam Seatle reports, questions are being raised about whether the public was properly warned about the attacks. How many more women must become victims before the Iranian Refugee CEO of Toronto Uber company is willing to properly screen employees?

Author: GrainOfTruth

2 thoughts on “Increasing Sexual Assaults on Women by Sharia Uber Drivers in Toronto

  1. Senol Komec was sentenced to 2 years in jail today for all four sexual assaults. =GUILTY.

  2. Hey, Senol Kömeç, you’re making news about me. He was exposed to the charges you mentioned in the news and I am a victim of these charges. First of all, I want you to know that. You make a lot of accusations against me in the news, and as a side of it you don’t get my opinion or my lawyer. You’re wrong about the ethics of journalism. The allegations in the news are mentioned in the police fezlekesi and the prosecution indictment. There is no court order yet. I’m not detained, I’m free and I work in a factory and I’m in charge of my family. I will try to express myself and provide you with relevant information. And I will ask you to remove the news from your site that is the subject of these false claims. I live in Toronto with my wife and three children. I work in a factory five days a week. When I had the opportunity, I was working as a Uber driver to help me pay the installments of my house. One of the passengers I took was complaining about me. The police addressed me to three other complaints files. I want to remind you this. Canadian law does not allow any person to physically interfere with another person. Even a married man cannot have sexual intercourse with his wife without his consent. If his wife complains about the man who forced him to do so, he would be found guilty. The parties have consent in the relations between the persons. There are exceptions to this, of course, and it is covered by crime. But I am not the victim of such a crime, and I am a victim of such slander. None of the women accusing me have identified me. My lawyer is following the case seriously. And I believe I will be found innocent in court and acquitted. And I’m going to sue people who make false charges against me. Almost all Uber drivers installed a camera in their car after the news was heard. Because there are people who want to get money from people who have acquired this profession. Social services workers came to the house of psychologists, held interviews with my wife and children, organized documents. In all these processes, these experts did not see a problem and submitted their reports to the court. Because it was a sensational subject, it was very frothy. Me and my family are practically psychological lynching. I did not commit a crime that would embarrass myself and my family and nation. I’m a victim of false accusations, my grievance, please do not be a tool and please remove this news from your site. I would like to remind you that I will be a follower of my legal rights. Thank you in advance for your interest and attention and understanding.

    Şenol Kömeç / Toronto

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