Canada: Gang of ‘Burqa Bandits’ Strikes Again in Ontario Convenience Store

Police in Ontario are looking for seven Muslims whom they believe teamed up to distract a convenience store employee while they robbed the store as well as stealing about $1,000 in cash.

CTV  (h/t Marvin W) Video camera surveillance shows five Muslim women in burqas and two bearded Muslim men enter the store. The men can be seen going straight to the front of the store and asking about lottery tickets while three of the five women can be seen heading to the back of the store.

Two of the women can then be seen blocking the third woman from view as she sneaks into a back office. A camera in the office captures the woman trying unsuccessfully to open a locked safe and then searching around. The woman comes across a bag of cash and coins, puts it under her skirt and walks out.

Author: GrainOfTruth

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