Canada: African Muslim Migrant Group Threatens Ontario Govt With Gun Crime for More Welfare Money

A group made of the Black Lives Matter, Muslims and the White Lefties is asking the province of Ontario for more welfare money in order to curb what they say is the root of the gun violence problem in their communities.

Author: GrainOfTruth

43 thoughts on “Canada: African Muslim Migrant Group Threatens Ontario Govt With Gun Crime for More Welfare Money

  1. 😂😂😂😂 captain Caribbean and we need a conservative majority? Hasn’t the past 30 years taught you not conservative or liberal can run our country? All you white settlers talk about how you guys not lazy when majority of welfare users and junkies are white. I’m sorry but my native ancestors lived here before any of you “white” settlers came here and murdered them then stole their land.

    How about we get our heads out our asses and give another party a chance because liberals got majority because CONSERVATIVES messed up bad think about that. My father is black from the Caribbean and guess what he hasn’t missed a day of work in 40 years and I’m very educated with master degrees so speak for yourself racist fucks.

    This is native land not white mans land

    1. Sorry dude. The white man took it far and square. It is now white mans land. And we will allow anyone to live on it assuming others can fallow the rules. Its fine if u want to flreeload off the backs of the hard working white man for now. But the white man has almost had enough. Go live on ur socialist reserve if you dont like the white mans city. Nobody cares about ur red man feelings. Youre probably on welfare. I bet your parents are proud.

    2. ..Ahoy captain. Do you own a casino? Many Casino owners live a good life off the Indian reserve, you should try it and then maybe you’ll get some respect.

  2. They need to go and fix what is wrong in their own country instead of trying to change ours.

  3. If Mel Lastman could call out the army to clear the snow so can we to put these good for nothing idiots in their place.

  4. Deport them all back to the land they adore and see what they get from the shit heads in power , we are not working to support lazy worthless foreigners like those . We have enough Trudeau’s with the shithead in power now

    1. If they don’t like Canada they can go back to there own country problems solve for them and good riddance

  5. Diversity was our strength with the immigration of people who have skills and not by allowing drug dealers and threatening behaviour by these refugees who are the liberals chosen crew. Put them in the boats and send them home the same way they got here. Maybe they can go to Saudi Arabia and get killed because they do not belong to the right tribe. Africa has had enough and they have sent them here to Justin’s Muslim calliphate country now called Canada.

    1. There must be an island somewhere that is totally remote and empty they could all live on and look after themselves.

  6. This is the problem Captain Carribean and a Muslim are supposed to be the face of Ontario…? What about generational white European families who were settlers to this country…The Liberals have devistated the middle class in Canada and Ontario specifically and that’s exactly what the Central Banks want…they want white Canadians poor and will make them poorer by allowing more and more unskilled and uneducated 3rd world citizens into a country that they will never assimilate to and become dependent on the social welfare system while White euro Canadians who built this country pay for them…this is wrong and should be opposed by everyone.

    1. Why do Canadian taxpayers have to put up with this outright nonsense?
      We have a family just moved in our apartment building. Their three young kids run, scream, shout jump bang and slam doors till 11:00 pm. When I knocked on their door to ask them to be quite they yelled children children children this is my house this is my house. They have garbage piled high on their balcony since they moved in. They have no respect and will not comply with the rules. Needless to say I am moving. I have lived here for two years with no problem, I shouldn’t have to be the one to move. I’m sorry but they have no values whatsoever.

      1. Dont you have a time that states after this time you are disturbing the peace and police can be called.

    2. You all make sure you vote October 21. this PM must be defeated, we need a conservative majority.

  7. What the fuck, get rid of these groups that are causing the problems, FUCK them we have CANADIANS AND HOMELESS AND VETS THAT ARE MORE IMPORTANT, October cant come soon enough get rid of the PARASITES

    1. I agree. We can’t take care of our own. Seniors, veterans who shaped this country with hard work and contributions.

  8. The answer is to purge those that do not fit into the culture, give them assisted repatriation or expulsion as a simple choice. The clear aim is for certain factions to take over and install their warped ideology forcing it on those that do not want it.

  9. Throwing money at this, will only perpetuate the voilence. These people need lives with a purpose, getting them off social assistance and into the workforce and affordable housing is a start. Won’t solve it all, but it will be a good start.

    1. Affordable housing, they can work, just like the working poor do, they can get jobs, and WORK, and contribute.

    2. These scum bag terrorist fucks need to all get locked into a ton of sea cabs, put on a boat, and thrown off the side of the ship in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Fuck them all. Fuck Trudeau, fuck multiculturalism, fuck muslims. If we don’t take our country back ,,,, Canada will be turned into the UK soon. Trust me. I know!!!!

  10. Tell me again how “diversity is our strength”?
    When you invite into your home people who have no regard for your values, your property, your very life, don’t be surprised if they do away with all that you have and then kill you in the process.
    Canada needs economic immigrants with transferable skills, who abide by our laws, respect our constitution, speak our language, and contribute to our economy, NOT leech of it and then demand more with threats. These people are so ungrateful they should be sent back to where they came from. They have nothing to contribute to our country.

  11. More people are app to buy guns,we stated from day one these people were nothing but problems but no one would believe a dam word that was said. These people need to be loaded up, and taken back were they belong.The sooner the better.

    1. Trudeau would turn the military against us and protect his migrants oat all costs. After all diversity is our strength and these people are his peoplekind.

  12. How about we just take these bastard coward shitheads on they want to make threats bring it on we wont bury you well feed you to the pigs.

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