Anti Islam Graffiti in Quebec Makes News

There isn’t a flat surface in Quebec that doesn’t have graffiti, even criminal gang signs and it never makes the news. But the “hate-speech-hunter” police are spend a million dollars looking for who wrote the stuff on the posters.

The problem isn’t the anti-Islam graffiti all over these posters in the streets, it’s why are there so many posters featuring Muslims in the streets? Now we can see, they are promoting a “diversity” photo exhibition. Since when did Muslims become the definition of “diversity?” Must be since Islam-pandering PM Justin Trudeau started importing tens of thousands of Muslim invaders posing as refugees to Canada.

The points of graffiti are all excellent and valid. Trudeau is undermining Canadian culture. There should be no Third World ‘shithole’ cultures into Canada. Both English-Canadian and French-Canadian cultures are very rich and deserve to be protected and survive. The ‘shithole’ immigrants bring their own cultures — but it is exactly those cultures produced their ‘shithole’ societies and countries which they are fleeing from. They must either accept Canadian culture or stay in their own countries to fix own problems. Spreading their cultures in Canada, they will turn our nation into another their ‘shithole’. We don’t need their culture here.

G0D bless whoever made these graffiti. The brave person is a national hero who is fighting to save Canada. We need more such Canadian patriots working together to resist and defeat today’s historically unprecedented invasion of Muhammad’s followers of Satanic cult – Islam.

Author: GrainOfTruth

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